Fuck Yeah Snooki!
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January needs to get here fast!

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Snooki: Isn’t he awesome?
Jenni: Yeah. That was totally worth stealing.
Snooki: What should I name him?
Jenni: Oh! Jail Break?
Snooki: No, he’s a giraffe, so it has to start with a G.
Sammi: Greg?
Snooki: Greg?!
Sammi: I don’t know. Gilbert?
Snooki: Sam… Goofy. I’m naming him Goofy.

I think this is soo funny & cute! :)

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Snooki & Lorenzo by the Christmas tree. :)

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happy 25th birthday snooki! we all love you. :)

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Snooki 4 president umm…no